Thursday, July 3, 2008

Biotrend: The Ultimate Horoscope Facebook Application

One of the most popular Facebook applications of 2008 is Biotrend, the ultimate astrology and horoscope provider.

The Biotrend Application for Facebook

San Jose, CA (PRunderground) June 29, 2008 – 2008 has truly been the year of Facebook applications, but one application stands out above the rest: Biotrend. By providing users with daily horoscopes, comprehensive biorhythm charts, a video horoscope and lots of Western and Chinese zodiac information, Biotrend has found a way to guarantee that it is used daily by thousands of Facebook users, making it one of the most used Facebook applications to date.

Biotrend is the brainchild of Matthias Zeitler. “I wanted to create a comprehensive astrology application for Facebook users,” says Zeitler. “Quite honestly, I never expected Biotrend to become so popular. I’m really honored that so many people have found something I created to be so useful.”

Perhaps one of the things that has contributed to Biotrend’s success the most, is the fact that unlike other applications, Biotrend doesn’t force users to invite their friends in order to receive enhanced features.

“I made sure that Biotrend was simple and straightforward,” says Zeitler. “By creating a user friendly display and not forcing users to invite their friends for better features, I ensured that Biotrend would be something that users wanted to use. There’s no faster way to get a user to delete your application than to force them to do something they don’t want to do.”

A list of Biotrend’s features are below:

- Daily Horoscope on your profile
- Daily Video horoscope for your Zodiac sign
- Daily Biorhythm chart
- Monthly Biorhythm energy cycles
- Detailed information about Western and Chinese Zodiac signs
- Zodiac Match astro compatibility’s review tells it all: “This app is your one shop stop for all your mystical needs.”

For more information on Biotrend, or to install it, visit:

About Biotrend:

Biotrend is the leading biorhythm and horoscope application on the Facebook platform. It provides a daily horoscope, comprehensive biorhythm charts, a video horoscope, lots of information about Western and Chinese Zodiacs and it shows your Zodiac Match compatibility between you and your friends.

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